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  • Air Jordan 1 High Co Japan Neutral Grey DC1788-029

    Conceived as a tribute to the vibrant city of Tokyo, the tokyo jordan 1 NEUTRAL GREY Retro HIGH OG CO.JP encapsulates the spirit of Japanese fashion and cultural nuances. Launched as a limited edition, it stands as a symbol of exclusivity, tying back to the roots of the coveted sneaker…

  • Air Jordan 1 High Og Neutral Grey 555088-018

    The Air Jordan 1 High OG Neutral Gray 555088-018 is a classic. Its neutral gray tone and classic silhouette present a unique fashion atmosphere. The shoe body is made of high-quality leather, breaking tradition and highlighting personality. Nike’s iconic Swoosh pattern and classic wings logo embellish the sides of the…

  • Air Jordan 1 High Og Shadow 555088-013

    Air Jordan 1 High Og Shadow 555088-013 is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Shadow released in 2018. It recreates the highly regarded OG 1985 colorway and ranks alongside legendary versions such as “Royal” and “Banned”. It is a worthy selection. Hall of Fame basketball high-top shoes. With its…

  • Air Jordan 1 High Switch Light Smoke CW6576-100

    Air Jordan 1 High Switch Light Smoke CW6576-100 shows a novel design concept and brings innovative changes to the sneaker industry. Made from high-quality materials, the sneakers feature impressive craftsmanship and detail. Its unique feature is the detachable shoe body, which can be worn in different styles according to personal…

  • Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Comfort Lemon Twist CT0979-200

    Presenting a unique look, the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Comfort Lemon Twist CT0979-200. This replica product uses fresh lemon yellow as the main color, paired with bright blue elements, presenting a vibrant design. Using Zoom Air technology, it brings unparalleled comfort to your steps. The details are carefully restored…

  • Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen 554724-082

    Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen 554724-082 is a basketball shoe that perfectly combines fashion and classics. The shoe’s eye-catching suede details and unique design will help you stand out on the court, making it an everyday addition as well. Linen tones combined with classic black and white are understated yet…

  • Air Jordan 1 Low Black Medium Grey 553558-040

    Jordan 1 Low Black White Grey – Detailed Elegance Proudly boasting highly precise replication craftsmanship, the Jordan 1 Reps Low Black White Grey faithfully restores the original appearance with identical materials and equipment in a 1:1 ratio. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a commitment to exceptional quality. Black White Grey…